When Tom and I met, it didn't take long for us to strike some common ground. We had both wanted to live on farms since we were little people. The longer we were together, the more we knew that our future together would involve making that goal a reality. So, some 6 years later, we sold up Tom's house (and our home where we had just experienced our second baby's homebirth) and began our farm change adventure.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Still here!

It's heads down, bums up here. Summer was full on, then school started and the rollercoaster of life hasn't really slowed down around the bends.
We've sold cattle, bought cattle, sold and bought again and the rains came in May, mercifully later than they did last year, as far as we're concerned.
The CMA has been doing great work by the creek with fences and weed eradication.
And we have a house cow! Well, she's a heifer, so no milk for a while yet. Pics to follow!

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